The Vienna based Singer and Songwriter AMIRO heads out to fulfil his dreams.

Armed with his original english and german pop songs that reflect his feelings and life, he mingles electronic beats with acoustic sounds and thereby creates a very special musical experience topped by his soulful voice.

AMIRO began his education and career as a singer as a young boy and studied Pop Voice at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He has published two studio albums with his former bands "ColorReflection" and "Mary Broadcast" so far, and has performed at various international festivals and TV shows. He collaborates and writes music for different producers and musicians. Now he wholeheartedly devotes himself and all his creativity and attention to his solo project AMIRO.


In order to accomplish his vision and to follow the calling of his heart, he initiated the "Breakthrough-Challenge 2015". AMIRO hereby established the framework to intensively live out his creativity across all art forms, and to be a platform and inspiration for other artists who want to take up the challenge and to collaborate with the singer. He hosts a monthly songwriting circle at Stagelab Academy and teaches at Popakademie Wien and the Institute for Popular Music at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.